About Us



Located in the heard of West Vancouver, BC, Canada, Cypress Insurance Brokers has a strong history. Incorporated in 1979 as Otto and Associates Insurance Agency Ltd, and became known as an expert in the Jewellers Insurance Services arena throughout Canada by 2001. In 2013, under new ownership, the company re-branded and quickly became a three-pillar boutique firm specializing in marine, in-land marine and home/auto insurance.

Navis Marine – Lead by Paul Mendham and his team, Navis Marine has over 20 years of marine insurance experience, including claims, underwriting and brokering.

OA Fine Art & Jewellers Insurance Services – Co-lead by Sara Smith & Carmela Carline, the team manages high-valued property for both commercial and personal clients. From jewellery stores to private collectors, the topics of fluctuating value, security needs and industry trends all contribute to the team’s offering of top-level products and protection. 

Cypress Insurance Brokers – Managed by Maureen Supeene and used for the needs of its commercial, homeowner and auto clientele, Cypress Insurance Brokers acts as the operating name for the company.

Each of these specialty lines of insurance require the support and guidance of a knowledgeable broker – Contact us to see how we can help you!