Curating My Insurance


With knowledge, there is always a deeper understanding of how to get the best value out of any product. Insurance is no different. Think ‘structure and stability’ first and the cents will follow…

Structure means

  • Discovering what your current insurance portfolio looks like (how many policies do you have, what benefits are being used, how many brokers do you work with, what companies are on risk?)
  • Defining what is important to you (higher deductible for premium savings, mono-line policy for the benefit of a lower deductible, use built-in coverage or add specific limits to fit your needs?)

Stability means

  • Reviewing your loss history (are you wanting to build a claims-free history with one company or are you in the middle of building back your loss history?)
  • Timing of your search (have you identified what timeframe provides the best economic outcome for you to search the market?)

Dollars and Cents – Premium reduction is always a motivator for most people. However, to get the coverage you need with the premium you want, you first need a broker who can identify and create the structure and stability factors of your insurance portfolio. The premium is always a result of the right coverage defined by the right broker.

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