Q: What should I do when a claim happens?

A: Call the police if it is a theft, robbery, burglary, vandalism, or anything similar. Call the OA team immediately to notify us of the incident. The three main aspects of a claim will be the date/ time, what happened and what was taken.

Q: How do I prove a loss? How much paperwork do I need to give?

A: Every claim has its own facts and figures, but in general you will be asked to provide the document to support the specific damage that occurred. For example, a listing of furniture and other property damaged by water, shipping documents for any lost or stolen package, and inventory records, memorandum agreements or purchase invoices for any theft. The more detailed and updated documentation you can provide, the more efficient any claim will be.

A: If my alarm isn’t working, what should I do?

B: Contact your broker immediately. Any change to a security system needs to be reported so that the proper action can be taken to secure the premises. Each situation will be evaluated differently. For example, an armed guard may be required should the situation require immediate presence of security.